The European Association of Thermology has education as one of its key aims. To that end, we offer the EAT "Short Course in Medical Thermography," taught by an experienced faculty of thermology researchers.

The Course normally takes place every three years, along with the Congress of the EAT, at a European venue.

The next edition of the Course will be on 1st September 2021, immediately prior to the XV Congress of the EAT at Wrocław University of Environmental and Life Sciences, Poland.

Provisional main themes of the 2021 syllabus will include:

  • Physical principles of heat transfer
  • Principles of thermal physiology and skin blood perfusion
  • Standardization of thermal imaging, recording and analysis
  • Quality assurance for thermal imaging systems
  • Producing a thermographic report
  • Provocation tests
  • Image analysis
  • Hands-on supervised practice
  • Educational resources

The full syllabus of the last Course in 2018 can be downloaded for Thermology International subscribers as a .pdf file

Check back to register for the next Short Course from January 2021.